Was sagen unsere internationale Kunden über unsere Touren:

Touren nach Marokko, Afrika

"Overwhelmed in every sense of the word and in the very best way. (read more about the experience by Sarah Shean)"
- Sarah Shean

"It was one of the best, most educational, and most adventurous weekends of my life. (read more about the expierence by Kathryn Roberts)"
- Kathryn Roberts

"I will never forget this trip. Berta and Pepe, you guys were marvellous guides during the trip. Thank you very much for everything."
- A hug, Ellen Keating

"Excellent! Top notch tour!"
- Ben Warren

"I really enjoyed the time Solchasers took to make sure I was safe. I enjoyed myself and had a good time. I would use the company again and recommend it to my friends."
- Jee Young Choi

Touren in die "Weissen Dörfer von Andalusien" (Südspanien)

"The trip was a great time Pepe. The towns and the forest that we hiked in were gorgeous. You were a great guide!"
- Alex Clark

"It was a great group of people, a great time, and the towns were beautiful. Everything was organized well and it was a stupendous day!"
- Merel

Touren nach Gibraltrar

"The guide knew many interesting things about Gibraltar and the different sites, the history, and the monuments. I had a great time. Also, the bus driver was very nice."
- Patricia Taylor

"I had a great time. It was cool that we got to see so many places within a day trip. I will definitely tell my friends to use Solchasers for their next trip!"
- Brent Wellington

Touren nach Lagos, Portugal

"¡El viaje estaba muy bien! Muy divertido, me gusta el hotel."
- Emily Briner

"We particulary thank you for the kindness, concern and practical help you gave to us."
- Rusell, Kristina and Lyndon Moye. Broxbourne. Hertfordshire. U.K.

"You´re an amazing man! You light our spirits every time you are around us. You are selfless and cheerful and kind and a splendid travelling companion. Thank you making our journey to Lagos such a very special one."
- Mary Rose B. Cambrigde. Masachussets U.S.A.

"We have such happy memories of the tour we did with you in Andalucía. Thank you very much indeed for making the trip so easy, for showing us so many things we would not have seen otherwise, and for making the atmosphere so relaxed and happy."
- Peter & Bridget Read. Oxon. U.K.